We exist somewhere between the seventh plane of artistic frenzy and the twelfth realm of sexual alchemy, otherwise known as Austin, TX. We are "The Beat Offs", a naked drum circle that formed as a result of the inevitable cosmic collision between the Austin Naked Yogis and the Austin Radical Faeries.

At our heart, our circle is composed of guys who love nakedness, dig rhythm, and enjoy showing their primal side. We typically convene at our outdoor den of nakedity (shown in the photo below) where we manipulate spunky sounds and bare beats. We also regularly attend and perform at the Austin Naked Yoga camping retreats.

This year, we are super duper excited to be hosting a theme camp at Burning Flipside, Austin's very own version of Burning Man, where we will be showing our essential manliness to be as primal as we can be. This year's theme for Burning Flipside is "By Lurko's Beard." Our theme camp will revel in a hairier and more primative time when real men wore nothing at all. We will be offering naked drum lessons as well (clothing optional!).

Come wag your bonerfied tail!
Come dance your pants off!
Come beat off with us!